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Plant cross-manufacturing capability

Industrial production has been one of the pillars of the ACTIA group since its creation in 1986. All ACTIA products are manufactured in the group’s various factories located in Europe – particularly in France and Germany – in Tunisia and in the United States.

Design For Manufacturing methods and production resources are standardized across sites, allowing for complete interoperability and the implementation of the most appropriate industrial strategy, particularly in terms of costs and location. ACTIA’s industrial capacities are adapted to complex or large series production in an IATF 16949 certified environment for Automotive production.

A complete range of Manufacturing and Electronic Services

In addition to Manufacturing Services, ACTIA offers a range of Electronic Services to secure, make reliable and control industrial costs over time, in particular by dealing with obsolescence and shortage situations.

The Factory of the Future by ACTIA

The strong industrial footprint of the group implies a permanent adaptability to remain at the best level of competitiveness and quality.

Therefore, ACTIA invests in the Factory of the Future to bring to its customers all the advantages of a highly digitalized industrial ecosystem.

For ACTIA, the Factory of the Future must be modular and reconfigurable to rely on the latest technologies, especially those related to connectivity. The interconnected industrial culture developed by ACTIA integrates the implementation of an industrial cybersecurity strategy.

The Factory of the Future by ACTIA aims to build a sustainable industrial performance. The group’s industrial transformation projects are accompanied by major training and skills development programs. People are at the heart of these transformations.

The World Class Manufacturing – WCM – program deployed by ACTIA at the group’s various industrial sites supports this approach. WCM works with teams in the field to steer and structure continuous improvement action plans to ensure smooth production and the flow of information and data, thereby serving customer satisfaction and ACTIA’s industrial performance.

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