ACTIA Off-Highway

25 years of experience
with OFFhighway OEMs

OEMs who expect flexibility, automotive quality, experts, an international dimension and the control of the global supply chain.
/ Industry we serve

past & current successful projects

Over the past 25 years, ACTIA has successfully partnered with big and medium-sized OEMs on the following markets
Agriculture & forestry, including combines, tractors, self-propelled machinery or implement that need ISOBUS connected architecture & extreme conditions of water, dust & vibration.
Construction & mining, in search of a reliable partner with an international dimension.
Aerial Work Platform & material handling, where stability & flexibility are key, given the variety of equipment and height and the role of rental end-use companies in their business.
Lifting solutions, including mobile or crawler cranes, port services, with complex architecture in need of both ISO 26262 (on) and ISO 138949 (off-road) safety compliancy.
Municipal (sweepers,) submitted to government increasingly stringent regulations raised by the climate emergency.
Various off-road OEMs including containers, air compressors, ground support equipment.

keys for success

Dedicated or off-the-shelf rugged products are designed, keeping in mind :

  • Automotive quality withstanding the most extreme environments.
  • Flexibility thanks to the ranges of ECU with same BSP and Software structure.
  • Functional safety and cybersecurity integrated in the design.
  • long-lasting architecture.


  • in vehicle architecture.
  • in safety and cybersecurity.
  • a dedicated team for worldwide connectivity certification & export control.
  • a dedicated team for obsolescence management and MCO.

We help you being autonomous

  • intuitive BSP & documentation.
  • software agnostic products.
  • possibility to develop for you, according to your needs.


For further inquiries on the service send us your message. Our team is at your service to answer as soon as possible to your questions.
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