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How to secure durable solutions in an ever-changing environment.
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MOC & MSC: Maintenance in Operational and Security Condition

From the design stage and throughout the life cycle of your products, ACTIA ensures the deliverability and the operational condition of your solutions through a dedicated service offer based on a component observatory and an obsolescence laboratory. At the same time, our team specialized in cybersecurity ensures the maintenance in security condition of the products to prevent new vulnerabilities.

To guarantee the continued operation of your machines and vehicles

While on-board electronic systems are expected to have a lifespan of about 10 years on agricultural and construction machines and vehicles, the lifecycle of components is becoming increasingly shorter. The causes are both economic and structural: the interest of manufacturers in renewing their ranges, to serve the particularly dynamic « consumer » market, shortages, a highly evolving normative and regulatory environment, etc. In this context, ACTIA offers you long-term support to secure the production of your systems, to ensure cost control over time and, ultimately, to guarantee the continued operation of your vehicles and machines. This is a service offer with very high added value.

A high value-added service offer from the design stage

Ensuring that an on-board electronic system is maintained in operational condition starts at the design stage. During these initial stages, a sustainability plan is put in place, which is the basis of the maintenance in operational condition. This durability plan defines the preventive strategy correlated to the life of the products. It relies on different areas of expertise and several teams.

Experts at the service of the maintenance in operational condition of your products

The purchasing team, in close partnership with engineering department, conducts a risk analysis during the product development phase. Our components and suppliers database is enriched with a procurability criterion that allows components to be qualified as more or less available. Interaction with the component observatory, which manages more than 150,000 components and 12,000 bills of material, guarantees the monitoring and the availability status of components over time.

A medium and long-term multi-sourcing strategy, which is an ally of our competitiveness, is also implemented for certain critical components to secure their supply over time. Our Engineering Department is therefore your partner for a « Design to Deliver » program.

A range of services throughout the product life cycle

Throughout its lifecycle, an embedded electronic system must evolve to deal with component obsolescence or new security vulnerabilities, but also opportunistically to improve performance. The « ReDesign to Deliver » program offers you the opportunity to study the possibilities of upgrading your product or system to increase its life span to the best of standards and new technologies. Here again, ACTIA is committed to being a true technological partner for you.


Continued vigilance and actions against increasing cyber threats.


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