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To optimize the service rate and availability of industrial vehicles.
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ACTIA, a key player in the digitalization of the offhighway world

• Vehicles and industrial machines evolve in environments that confront them with increasingly demanding challenges, particularly from an economic point of view. It is then a question of involving them in a digitalized eco-system that will allow real-time monitoring of the vehicles. The stakes are multiple, and all tend towards a common objective: to increase the availability and service rate of vehicles. ACTIA, a telematics specialist, offers global solutions integrating connectivity modules and connected services applications.

A telematics portal for ad hoc services

The ACTIAFleet Agriculture portal is specifically designed to manage agricultural activities in a way that best suits the needs of operators and OEMs. Vehicle location and operating data are uploaded via the ACTIA on-board telematics unit and transmitted in real time to the operator. The advantages are multiple, including in particular:
In addition to the ACTIA Fleet Agriculture proposal, ACTIA also develops customized solutions that are totally dedicated to the needs of certain customers.

An electronic diagnostic solution to manage vehicles

ACTIA, an expert in the architecture of on-board electronic systems, is also an expert in the diagnosis of these systems. Thus, DIAG 4 Agri makes it possible to connect to the vehicle’s various ECUs via an external communication interface and to operate on the on-board electronics: updating or setting the ECUs, for example. These interventions are carried out via a hardened tablet. The aim is to manage vehicle electronics to comply with changing regulations, to carry out maintenance operations and to compensate for the growing complexity of on-board electronic systems with a high-performance, easy-to-use diagnostic solution.


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